Small Increase in Mortgage Refinance

The share of refinanced mortgages marked a slight increase during the week ending April 11th. This is certainly an improvement from the previous weeks, but could it be a sign that the market for these home loans is reviving? Lenders

More New Homes and Less Free Land

The number of new homes in the United States is expected to increase for a second year in a row and in 2014 the increase is projected to be even greater than it was in 2013. The housing market is

Can Mortgage Rates Fall Even Further Due to the Low Inflation?

The mortgage rate increase predicted for spring 2014 did not occur. Quite the opposite, the average rate experienced a drop and is now around 4.375%. There are predictions that it will remain at its low level and that it may

Falling Foreclosure Rate May Increase Housing Prices

The US economy is recovering and so is the financial stability of individual households. Now more people are able to pay off their mortgage and this has resulted in much fewer foreclosures. This is certainly good news for home owners,

Buyers Facing Higher House Asking Prices

Even though the demand for housing and for housing finance fell considerably from the beginning of 2013 to the start of 2014, home sellers still ask for high prices. In fact, currently, the average asking price for a house is

Property Investors Expanding Their Search Perimeter

After the housing market collapse of 2007, investors focused their attention on areas with many foreclosures. As the property market is now recovering steadily, they pay greater attention to new and more attractive places which offer higher price gains. In

Mortgage Applications Increase as the Spring House Buying Season Gains Speed

The mortgage market experienced a great slowdown during the first quarter of 2014. Currently, the outlook is more optimistic as the number of applications for home loans made by buyers is increasing. This is easily explained with the spring season

The FHA Is Still Stable

Rumors that the mortgage program of the Federal Housing Administration is in trouble have been circulating for the past few months, but official statistical figures clearly indicate that this is not the case. The FHA shows all signs of stability.

The Housing Market Threatened by the Slow Economic Recovery

The number of new job openings reached its highest point in six years in February 2014, but this positive development was followed by a smaller growth of jobs in March than Wall Street experts expected. The situation in the job

More Applications for Home Purchase Mortgages in the Beginning of April

It seems that the spring house buying season has finally started despite the delay. The number of applications for home purchase mortgage loans rose from the last week for March 2014 to the first week of April 2014. This is