Shorter Mortgage Closing Period in March 2014

Shorter Mortgage Closing Period in March 2014. brings you the latest news on mortgage closing costs. via Shorter Mortgage Closing Period in March 2014.

Shorter Mortgage Closing Period in March 2014

It now takes less time to close a home loan compared to a month ago and to a year ago as well. The shorter closing period is primarily due to the faster application approval. Home buyers can really benefit from

Lower Credit Score Needed for FHA Loans

The average FICO credit score of closed FHA loans has been falling steadily for the past couple of months to hit one of its lowest levels in March 2014. This can be a great boost to the confidence of prospect

Growing Homeowner Equity to Have Positive Impact on the Housing Market

Fewer homeowners are underwater in the spring of 2014 compared to a year ago and more homeowners have more than 50% equity in their properties. These are clear indicators that the housing market is heading towards stability. The growing equity

Mortgage Rates Continue Falling

The mortgage rates dropped for a second week in a row. They have hit their lowest levels since the beginning of the year. The downward trend may remain for longer, despite the predictions that the home loan rates will rise

Property Has Become the Top Investment Choice for Individual Investors

A recent survey carried out by Gallup has revealed that real estate ranks as the top long-term investment choice for Americans in 2014. The popularity of the most preferred options over the past years has dropped significantly. As the property

Lower Home Prices Increase in March 2014

The housing price appreciation rate is falling and this is certainly a good sign for prospect home buyers. Even though the spring housing sale season did not have a great start, improvement is expected soon. One of the major factors

Small Increase in Mortgage Refinance

The share of refinanced mortgages marked a slight increase during the week ending April 11th. This is certainly an improvement from the previous weeks, but could it be a sign that the market for these home loans is reviving? Lenders

More New Homes and Less Free Land

The number of new homes in the United States is expected to increase for a second year in a row and in 2014 the increase is projected to be even greater than it was in 2013. The housing market is

New Home Construction Falling Behind Predictions for the First Quarter of 2014

The housing market was sluggish during the first quarter of 2014 and it seems that new home construction followed the same trend. Builders started the construction of fewer homes than expected. Still, economists insist that their higher forecasts for 2014